Propel here has been very fun I loved working on what I love with people that I can now call friends. My final propel project is a cookbook. My cookbook will have 24 recipes with doodles that will be from Paige (Another Propeler) and the Canadian food guide. I have finished 13 out of 15 milestones they are the first 12 recipes, planning my book and designing my book, I have finished about 80% of building my book.

In Propel we were asked to make a legacy artifact. For a legacy artifact we had to write two to three paragraphs about our project and we needed a screenshot of our project or a link to our project so future propelers can see what we have done this semester. i had a little bit of difficulty writing a short couple paragraphs about my project. So i read other peoples work and focused and wrote a pretty great couple of paragraphs and i sent it off.

Time for me to sign off and tell your future propelers good luck this is the best thing that happened to me.

Timeline Progress

For my project, I used a timeline to help me stay organized with all the tasks that needed to be completed. The timeline I am using is also known as a Gannt chart. A Gannt chart is a chart that you fill out with milestones and mini steps you need to take to finish the milestones. With adding the days, you start the task and how long it will take bars will fill up once you finish a task.

I am currently on track with my project. I have changed the number of recipes from 12 to 24 but that does not make me fall behind. I am currently working on putting everything into Blurb. I have asked Paige to add a few doodles that I want for my section pages.  She is also going to help me with what colours look good together for my entire book. She will also be my feedback buddy for everything I do relating to my project. During the day I have learned how to use blurb and I have completed 90% with putting each recipe in the template.

I am right on time with my project. My printing day is the 27th of May now I have only 10 days to complete it. But if I work on it every waking moment, I am positive that I will finish. The recipes took me less time then I thought so I filled the extra time with starting my book design. I have finished planning my book, 12 recipes, and most of my designing my book in Burb. I still must add 12 more recipes, finish designing my book in Blurb, and finalize my book which includes sending it off to print.

In the next few weeks I will be working on finishing designing my book, adding section pages to blurb and sending it off to print. There is not much left to do but it will take a while to complete designing my book.

My project breakdown

My Propel project is going to be designing my very own cookbook. I created a timeline to see a master plan for our project. I ended up with five milestones and they are. Planning, build recipes, build book, complete book, finishing touches.

My first stage is planning is where I plan out the concept of my book. Step one is to plan out what the theme of my book is. Second step is plan out the style of cooking I will be doing for the next 3 ½ months. Last step is to figure out the way I will be taking my photos and who will be taking them.

My second stage is building the recipes from start to finish. Step one is making my comment cards I will be using to get feedback on what worked and what did not, and se what people can look for while making the recipe. Step two is to make comment cards with the recipes on the back of them, these comment cards will help me figure out if the recipes make sense. The longest step is making the recipes that will take about 16 days. Step four will be reviewing the comment cards, then the final step is to rewrite on the recipes after reviewing every single comment card coming back to me.

My third stage is to make my book. Step one is to design the book without pictures recipes anything just pencils and paper probably. Then I will make a draft one- three in four days. After that the last step is to make a draft one with pictures and recipes.

My second last stage is going to be finalizing everything. The first step I will be designing section pages for each chapter. Second step will be making a final copy of the book without pictures and recipes. The last step in this stage is to make a final copy of the book with pictures and recipes. And last stage is to publish my book.      

Proof of Concept

So far propel has been a bumpy ride. For the past two weeks, I worked on a smaller version of my project. The task is Proof of Concept. I had a hard time. At the end of the two weeks, we had to present it to the class to see if we can finish our project.

I wanted to teach students and make a cookbook, but after talking with my mom about it I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to make a cookbook and only have two to three recipes for five different categories. Now that I know what I want to do, I can start getting down to work. When I am doing my final presentation, I want a physical object to show off to my friends and family. Not only say that I did something.

I had many obstacles to overcome, but I learned a lot from them. I learned that making a cookbook with 5 recipes for 5 different categories was not going to happen. My peers also helped me learn a lot. Also, my peers gave me feedback about each dish. After POC I know I can finish my project by the end of the semester. How I will do that is by ignoring everyone and get down to work, at home, and at school. Looking forward I have a lot of work but I know I can do it.


I have been in Propel for three weeks now and it has been fun, I am excited to finally start making my project. I have made lots of friends. I have also been on a field trip that helped me discover some of my peers’ skills and got to know more about them. Having to go on an adventure with people I did not know was hard at first because I did not want to help figure out how to get out of the Escape room. Before leaving the propel classroom my teachers have been giving us lesson after lesson and I was getting a little bit comfortable but then they tell us that we have a field trip and that we don’t really get to pick our groups, I was a little upset about that because I only really talked to three or four other people. But after the adventure, I have learned a lot about the other people in my group and I really loved getting to know them.

I made a lot of friends because of the adventure that I had talked about previously. I am friendly to everyone in the class and I really love how many people I have meet here. I have way more friends now then I have ever in my life because I am not the hugely open to most people, everyday I am here It has been the best day of my life and each day it gets better and better.

I have been dying to start my project and I am so excited that I can finally start collaborating with my friends. Collaborating is one of the biggest parts of my project because I really think that collaborating is key so that the project can really succeed as you want it to. My project is all about collaborating with other people because I need people to help me taste the dishes I make to figure out if they work or if they don’t.

Overall I am already growing so much as a person and it has only been three weeks, I can’t wait to see how much I will grow by the end of the semester presenting my project in front of my friends and family.